My first post–I’m all verklempt here–I’ve come late to this writing game, but I’m plugging along, trying to polish my creations as best I can. I love paranormal romance, but–not your typical trope here. There won’t be any anguished nightwalkers chased by some phantom vampire king, or council, or some madly in love virginal spinster wishing to become an undead consort–nope. My nightwalkers are basically loners, preferring to adhere to the edict that “The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him.” My stories usually contain men loving men–sometimes they love women, too. And my vampires? They aren’t averse to a feminine touch every now and then but their preference is of the male persuasion. I’ve written a few short stories (Dark Diamond, Beautiful Lightning) that have not a whisper of vampire in them–

–but they are exceptions to the rule.
Here is a link to my Amazon author page:

You’ll be able to meet:
Alasdair Connery, a 10,000 year old ancient vampire ¬†with a taste for beautiful men and women–but a love for someone he believes he can never have;

Carl Fiorentino, who has dabbled in the art world for over 500 years, until he meets a certain talk show host that has caught his eye;

Chris, a young “street kid” who’s been haunting the streets of downtown Denver for as long as the city’s been alive, even if he’s not–

and more to come, you can count on it. Enjoy !