Rainbow snippet–Alasdair

I gave a snippet about the star crossed lovers, Bruce and Jeffrey last week. Here is a snippet about Alasdair Connery–the Ancient–

.  His ebony hair was so black it had a purple cast to it, and he wore it swept straight back from his high forehead, wrapped up in a thick braid that reached down the entire length of his back to the curve of his buttocks and tied with a red silk cord.  His face, dusted with the lightest of dark stubble, was a pale mocha, like café au lait heavy on the milk, and he wore his high sculptured cheekbones and slim, aristocratic nose like a badge of honor. His small smile showed sensuous, molded lips.

“OMG, super schwing, he doesn’t look like the typical Scotsman, does he?”  Jules said, grabbing Bruce‘s arm.  “But he’s still pretty hot.”  Bruce wiggled his eyebrows at her, and then chuckled.




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6 thoughts on “Rainbow snippet–Alasdair

  1. Oh WOW. He sounds like something VERY special. I love men with plaits.


    1. I have a soft spot for them too 🙂 He lets his hair down occasionally, though.


  2. Love the contrast between his description and Jules; reaction.


    1. Jules is a typical redhead; she doesn’t hold anything back 🙂 It was great to figure out how Alasdair could play them both.


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