The Ancient

Here’s a snippet from The Ancient–dear Edgar needs a little pick me up–


“You’re looking a little peaked, Edgar.  Have I been neglecting you? It must be time.”

Edgar nodded, silent.  He hung his head.

“Just a little, though, it wouldn’t do to give you too much.”  As Alasdair smiled, he deliberately pierced his lower lip with one of his sharp eyeteeth.  As the small trickle of bright red lifeblood welled out, he pulled Edgar to him and locked his lips on his.  As they kissed, clinging to each other, the wrinkles on Edgar’s face faded, filling his face out to youthful smoothness.

More snippets await at Rainbow Snippets–enjoy–


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6 thoughts on “The Ancient

  1. Well that’s interesting. A vampire?


  2. Yep–an ancient vampire, the father of all–I had so much fun crafting him–here’s the blurb:
    Alasdair Connery has seen a lot in ten thousand years.
    He’s the first of his kind; the father of all nightwalkers. Together with his trusted assistant Edgar, he trolls for victims to feed from at his time of blood lust. When he’s invited to a wedding, he meets his perfect choices—a married couple. Bruce and Jules have their own sets of insecurities and secrets. She hides a wealth of insecurities under a shield of bravado, and Bruce? He hides the fact that he can’t stop thinking about the love of his life—his college flame Dr. Jeffrey Bayfield. With Alasdair’s powers of seduction working a little too well, he finds that both of them are growing somewhat dependent on him.
    Growing increasingly annoyed at their emotional baggage, some of which he is responsible for, he’s willing to put up with their games for a short time, but something has to happen before his blood fever is over for another fifty years and he has to go back to donors once again, unable to kill humans for their red gift. He rather likes the killing part.
    And what is he going to do about Edgar’s own growing feelings for him?


  3. Ouch, uneasy unequal relationship. I’ll be interested to see where you go with it, especially having seen the blurb.


    1. The outcome might surprise you 🙂 I wished to add another dynamic to the usual “Renfield” relationship 🙂


  4. Interesting snippet. Edgar seems… ashamed?


    1. Not ashamed in the usual sense–poor Edgar has been in this symbiotic relationship with Alasdair for almost a hundred years, and he would like nothing more than to be his equal. He’s more reluctant, I think, to let him know the depth of his feeling. He’s tired of tastes, but he’s also unsure of Alasdair’s feelings for him in return.


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