More talk

Since last weeks snippet was pretty popular, I thought I’d post one where we get to see what happens when Craig brings Carl back to his apartment and gets a really good look at those eyes —

He swam down into the depths of those solid forest green and sky blue eyes, eternal and limitless. The beat of his heart filled his entire body, drumming with a hard slow rhythm in his head, propelling him toward-something, he didn’t know what, scared, yet eager for it to happen.

How could one drown and be breathing in chorus?  He knew the depths of boundless love, lust and hatred that Carl was capable of, that Carl could make him feel.  Through an ivory filter, he saw a moving picture of Carl in medieval physician’s robes studying manuscripts, his beautiful profile illuminated by the light of a single candle.  He saw a dark shape behind Carl, slinking toward him with wild, mad eyes burning in its shadow face, covered by a cowl.



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