Craig Finds Out

Here’s another snippet from Talk Of the Town, in which Craig finally finds out all about Carl–

Craig’s hands didn’t listen, and moved on their own to stroke the back of Carl’s head, Β gently moving through the soft brown curls trailing down the back of his neck. His eyes drifted closed. He felt Carl opening his mouth against his skin, then a sudden sweet pain that quickly moved him to shuddering orgasms, one following another in rapid succession. His eyes flew open and his body tensed as Β a short, sharp scream echoed from him, the pleasure intensifying as each climax faded only to be replaced with another. He ceased knowing or caring about anything except the feel, the smell of Carl. Craig’s eyes again became heavy and he drifted into unconsciousness, Carl’s name on his lips.


18 thoughts on “Craig Finds Out

  1. Yes, a vampire ❀ Craig is a Springeresque talk show host who has a guest on one taping that claims to be a vampire and Craig doubts him, as he naturally would–until now πŸ™‚


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