Las Vegas Circle–Thomas meets His Maker

Here’s a little snippet about Thomas and Aaron–the one who made Thomas what he is today–

Thomas’ eyes rolled back in his head, and he struggled weakly to get away from Aaron, but the more he did, the stronger Aaron got. He felt Aaron’s lips working on the tender flesh of his throat, and may the gods help him, he didn’t want to escape anymore as he felt himself fading.

Aaron grabbed Thomas around his waist with one arm when he felt Thomas start to slide down his chest. He grabbed the collar of his own linen shirt, yanking it down to expose the smooth white skin, then took a sharp fingernail and opened a vein near his heart.

“Hurry, Thomas, you don’t have very long now—drink from me,” he told him, urging Thomas to press his lips to his flesh on the open wound. Thomas smelled blood, and he was suddenly ravenous, starving.

Come read more delightful snippets here:



20 thoughts on “Las Vegas Circle–Thomas meets His Maker

    1. No, he never really thought about it–Aaron was an old lover from his younger days, and he couldn’t bring himself to believe him when he said he was immortal–until now, of course 🙂


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