Up His Alley

This little piece of flash fiction is 18+ only–enjoy 🙂 Brad Vance provided the photo and the first paragraph–thanks, Brad ❤


Really, I’m serious. I just went into the alley to take a leak; the line for the bathroom was so long and I couldn’t hold it. I was alone out there…or so I thought, until I finished my business and turned around. He was standing under the light, by the back door of the bar. He must have followed me out. What he wanted was so obvious. What he wanted was me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off that denim-clad monster, they way he was squeezing it, just putting it on display for me. I had to check my own package, giving it a squeeze that bordered on painful. It started filling my hand, and I rubbed it with the heel of my palm as I turned to face him. My mouth was dry (but not for long, I hoped), and I had trouble forming words.

“You—can I help you?” I managed to stutter out. He smiled at that.

“You sure can, beautiful. That’s the idea.” That rough voice made me melt. “If you bring your fine ass over here, maybe I’ll have time to help you, too.” His eyes were on me as I walked toward him. When I got within reach, he grabbed my hand away from my own hard cock and put it on his, rubbing it up and down. My eyes got wide.

“Man, I don’t—know if I can handle that, you’re huge,” I managed to stutter out, even as I started rubbing him up and down on my own.

“Relax, we’re not going to fuck—yet,”  he said, laughing a little. “Right now I just want to feel those lips stretching around it.” He put his big hands on my shoulders, steering me toward the slab of concrete he was standing on. Thank the gods it was fairly clean but at this point, I didn’t care.

“Bite it through my jeans—do it,” he moaned. “Hurry the fuck up.”

As I mouthed him, sending my hot breath through the cloth, I found myself licking the wet spot the tip of his cock made, and the harder I licked, the louder he got.

“Jesus Christ, take it out already,” he groaned. I smiled at that. Sucking cock was my favorite thing in the whole world—the smell, the taste, the feel of being in complete control. I bared my teeth and took his zipper in between them, drawing it down. I felt that huge dick gently smacking me on the top of my forehead. At least he went commando.

I put my lips around that succulent mushroom head, running my tongue around the edge, lapping up the generous streaks of precum he was giving me. His hitching breathing was telling me he was loving it already.

“Grab the bottom-so—so you don’t choke, hurry up, I—need it–,” he groaned out.  I reached up with both hands and tugged his jeans down, then opened my throat and took him in all at once, rolling his balls with one hand while the other stroked his taint up and down.

“FUCK!” he shouted. “I’m not –going to last—you little shit—damnit!!” I hummed under my breath, making him vibrate as I let the tip of one finger slip inside his hole. I felt him throbbing, his balls tightening as he shot everything he had and then some down my gullet. I kind of missed tasting it, so I pulled away and took the last few spurts on my tongue. I gently licked the head of that delectable cock, then tucked him back inside his jeans.

“No—nobody’s ever been able to do that before,” he sighed, gusting out the breath he was holding.

“Until me, huh?”  He shook his head slowly back and forth.

“No.” he smiled, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“You kind of tasted like the hot wings they serve in there,” I said, my lips twitching.

He laughed out loud at that.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he answered, “since I’m the cook. Thank fuck it was time for my break when I followed you out here.” He took me by the arm as we walked back inside.

“Now let me show you how I can cook sausage, the restroom’s emptied out.”.

“That last stall has our names on it,” I said, grinning as the alley door swung shut.

brad's alley



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2 thoughts on “Up His Alley

  1. I really enjoyed this, Kathy. Thank you!


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