Their first kiss

Bruce and Jeffrey’s first kiss–


. Bruce moves his hands up Jeffrey’s chest and gently cradles the back of his head, deepening the pressure of his lips on his. He laces his fingers through Jeffrey’s hair, feeling himself falling, diving in a ringing world of feeling that rushes up to meet him as he turns his head, fusing their lips together. Jeffrey lowers his hands and arms to the small of Bruce’s back, gently drawing him even closer.  He slowly strokes him up and down, feeling his runner’s muscles flexing under his shirt as their lips move together again and again, clinging to each other.  Bruce moves his hands down to feel the pulse beating in Jeffrey’s neck, beating faster because of him, and he feels him shiver. They touch their tongues one to the other, just the tips of them, then they draw them back, making that one little dancing movement so lovely, so much more erotic then it might have been otherwise.  Like a promise.


Next week, I might post their first time– 🙂


Check out this link for more Rainbow Snippets–



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