More first time–just a little tease :)

Jeffrey’s eyes widen, and he pushes Bruce’s hands away, ripping his jeans open himself.

“I wondered what was taking you so long,” he says, sounding breathless.  “Damn, hurry up, Bruce, gettin’ thirsty here,” Jeffrey gasped, his voice ragged and uneven.   Bruce sinks down to his knees in front of him then reaches up, gently pulling down Jeffrey’s jeans and briefs, setting him free. All he can do, for a quick minute anyway, is stare at that beautiful, velvety organ pointing right at him.

“God, Jeffrey–you–” Words fail him, and he reaches up, gently cupping his hands around Jeffrey’s buttocks, steering him into his waiting mouth. He moves up and down, nursing on him and stroking him with his tongue as Jeffrey grabs Bruce’s hair, tangling his fingers in it, his head falling back, his mouth gaping open.

“Christ-fuck–” he moans, small cries coming from his throat as he moves with Bruce, feeling his lips, his throat muscles working as Bruce gets more insistent, drinking in the little tastes that are coming out of him. Bruce groans, making Jeffrey vibrate in Bruce’s mouth, making him thrust faster, harder until Jeffrey can’t hold out any longer.

“Bruce–God!” Jeffrey’s orgasm crashes through him, in him, and he loses all control, releasing himself in Bruce’s lovely, sculptured mouth. Bruce takes all of him, slowing himself with difficulty, making sure he got all that Jeffrey has to give him.  He gently draws away from him, and licks him clean.

Jeffrey’s legs start shaking, and he sank to the ground in front of Bruce, wrapping his arms around him as he lays his forehead on his broad shoulder. Bruce puts his arms around Jeffrey’s waist, holding him as Jeffrey raises his head, looking wide eyed at Bruce.

“I–I think I’m done, love,” Jeffrey whispers, his voice sounding small, fragile.   Bruce leans forward, kissing Jeffrey with a sweet, aching softness.

“See how good you taste, Jeffrey?”  He gently strokes his cheeks, brushing his fingers back and forth.      Jeffrey holds Bruce’s head, bringing their foreheads together.

“Oh, my dear–” he says. “Will you let me take care of you now? Please? Take me to your bed.”

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