Craig’s Mom

In honor of Mom’s Day weekend, I’m posting a snippet from Talk Of The Town about Craig talking to his mom on the phone–she’s bending his ear about Mike.


“Nothing, Mom.  I‘m forty years old, I can take care of myself.”  Nothing but silence on the other end of the line.  She wasn’t just waiting, she was listening.

“It has to do with Mike, doesn’t it?  Your peach creep of a boyfriend.  That grinning, egg sucking Gorgeous George clone.”  Mom never did mince words.

Here’s a link to Rainbow Snippets–a delightful taste of stories about LGBT characters and the people or beings) who love them.


27 thoughts on “Craig’s Mom

  1. Amazing mom! I’m sure she’ll be one of my favorite characters! I hope I’d fine the time to start reading this book as it’s been waiting in my kindle for few weeks.


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