More Heart’s Embers

Here’s a little comic relief for the happy couple–before their world Β comes crashing down —

Here’s a link to the blurb in case you need a clue:


“Let’s jump in the shower, sweets. We have to wash off this man glue before I take off, don’t we?” he grinned, getting out of bed, then turned back to Jeffrey, that devilish grin still turning his lips.

“And what would old Mr. Evermeyer think if he smelled my spooge on you when you told him to turn his head and cough?”

Jeffrey, recovering, laughed then smacked Bruce’s bottom as he rolled over and jumped to the carpet.

“He’d want you to examine his testicles instead?” he snickered, grinning wildly.

“Why, you little shit!”

Enjoy more Rainbow Snippets here–


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