The Dance

My snippet this week is from The Ancient, in which Bruce and Alasdair have a slow dance at a wedding they both attended. Jules, Bruce’s wife, was first, but it looks like Alasdair might have saved the best for last–

.  He let his own hand move across Alasdair’s shoulder, and he moved his cheek closer to his hair.  It made him conscious of the smell of it, fresh with rainwater and the perfume of old herbs.  He could have rested his chin on the top of Alasdair’s head if he wished.  Bruce fought a sudden, crazy urge to close his eyes and guide Alasdair’s head to his shoulder so he could bury his nose in that thick cable of braid. He wondered what his hair would look like freed from it, spread out in the moonlight so he could run his hands through it, bunching that silky blackness up in his fists. He pictured himself covering his nude body with it while he stroked Alasdair’s smooth skin, and he couldn’t help but tremble a little at that erotic thought.

Come read more Rainbow Snippets–delightful teasers for you to sample ❤


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