Readers love dancing–here’s more from The Ancient–

Another thought came into his head then, a thought of Jeffrey when they had just moved into their first apartment back in their college days.  There were Chinese takeout containers scattered about perfuming the air with their promises of sweet and sour taste, and a soft, slow song was playing on the stereo. They had pushed the cardboard moving boxes against the wall and were dancing in the middle of the floor, their heads resting on each other’s shoulders.  His lips touched the warm skin of Jeffrey’s neck, and Bruce could feel the strength in his arms as they gently cradled him, the pure love in his touch. Jeffrey had brought his mouth close to Bruce’s ear, and he could feel his breath pulsing in and out as it brushed against his skin, feel his soft auburn hair on his cheek, and it made him shiver as Jeffrey whispered to him–

I love you.      349337._SX540_

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