Sins Of The Sire

My snippet for this weekend is from my WIP–the followup to Talk Of The Town. In this, Carl realizes that Craig needs to feed, and he creates a temporary bond between his bondmate and Oz, his closest friend and the third member of their vampire triad. He just hopes they don’t get TOO close–

(I apologize for slightly more than six sentences, but I couldn’t cut off the thought, and some of them ARE short πŸ™‚

β€œGo stand by Oz, caro, and both of you strip to the waist, please.” As he helped Craig stand, he watched Oz’s eyes get wide, and something else was there alsoβ€”

–a flicker of rising heat. Oz banked it right away, but Carl had caught it. He would have to deal with it later, and he definitely would. He was the sire here. He peeled off his own shirt, then stepped up to both of them, standing so close he could feel them.

He raised his hands to his chest, then gently punctured each muscled pectoral with a sharp fingernail. He raised his arms to Craig and Oz, inviting them in.

β€œTaste me.”

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