Heart’s Embers

This is a particularly romantic interlude between Bruce and Jeffrey, in which Jeffrey is helping his hunky man take a bath–and yes, I use a vulgarity, as in a slang term for donkey 🙂


Bruce grinned as he put his arms around Jeffrey’s neck.

“How romantic,” he said, nestling his cheek against Jeffrey’s shoulder.

Jeffrey nodded his head.

“I’m going to carry you over the bathroom threshold, my beautiful man, and put you in that sexy chair. Then I’ll turn the water on, crawl right in there beside you, then put you on my lap while I French kiss your ass right between both cheeks while we wait for it to fill.”

Bruce looked at him, his face flushed.


Jeffrey laughed as he carried Bruce into the bathroom.

“Christ, you’re easy,” he said.2010-Luxury-Black-Freestanding-Bathtubs-Design-Ideas-By-Gruppo-Treesse-550x441


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