Crimson Christmas

Here’s a little holiday cheer at the start of summer–a little snippet from my WIP about Arthur, a certain snarky being who just can’t stop complaining–

This is my favorite season—Christmas.

I know what you’re thinking, though; I think it every night myself, too. How can a vampire love Christmas, it being a religious holiday and all? Well, the truth is that I’ve never been religious, so it doesn’t bother me in the least. I’ve loved this holiday since Victorian times, when I lived in London, and take it from me, they know how to do Christmas. Not like here in modern America, where one is subjected to shouting displays of BUY BUY BUY, and SPEND SPEND SPEND every time one turns on the telly.

I do watch too much telly, I suppose. I’m alone, so what else is there to do at night but watch the endless streams of soppy shows that drift across the airways? It got a tad bit better when I got BBC 1, but not much.

And the dining situation? Hopeless. I wish someone of my undead status could just ring for takeaway, but no. What would I do with the food? I could sample the delivery person, I suppose, but the logistics of that situation would be horrifying. I only have to bleed my victims once a month, but bleed them I do, until they’re as empty as Honey BooBoo’s head. Then, I live on the leftovers.  I don’t kill where I eat.


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14 thoughts on “Crimson Christmas

  1. He does sound lonely. Poor guy.


    1. He’s been lonely a long time–but maybe things are looking up– 🙂


  2. Poor guy…being lonely stinks.


    1. Yeah, he’s kind of used to it, being a vampire and all 🙂 but he may very well get lucky yet 🙂


  3. No wonder his favorite color is red. 😀 Fun snippet, Kathy.


  4. Why thank you 🙂 You’ll get the book after Thanksgiving 🙂 Poor Arthur —


  5. I just hope he doesn’t go to a store to sit on Santa’s lap. That would be nasty.


    1. Hmmmm–thanks for the plot bunny 🙂 that might well find its way in there 🙂


  6. Love the Honey Boo-Boo line. Interesting snippet. I’m glad things are looking up for this poor lonely vamp. 🙂


  7. I have some other good things in store for him; I hope they work out 🙂 Thanks for the nice complement ❤


  8. Love the character;s ‘voice’ but he sure dos need some cheering up LOL. An excellent excerpt!


  9. Poor Arthur–vampires need love, too, don’t they? And thanks for the lovely compliment ❤


  10. Talk about being lonely and sounding hopeless. I’m sure I could give him a few ideas to pass the time at night other than watching TV. LOL. Plus, the image of sampling the delivery man that was conjured in my head was quite a funny one.


  11. Thank you, your comments were quite lovely 🙂 He does get hopeless at times, thinking about how long it’s been and how long he has yet to go, I suppose. Kind of like how some humans feel around the holidays—


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