More Sins

A snippet from my WIP–Sins Of The Sire–

The few people that were out and about at 2:30 in the morning couldn’t have cared less about the spare, sparkly haze that appeared at the entrance to the alley, or the two handsome men who walked out of it holding hands.

They spied a young man entering the alley at the same time, his back to them, and they looked at each other, smiling. It couldn’t have been easier.

“Shall we?” Oz asked.

“After you,” Craig answered, and the young man turned quickly, more than a little panicked. This wasn’t the safest area, but he had just robbed an unsuspecting drunk coming out of a bar, and he had to be careful before he could sit down and find out how much his haul was. He stared down at Craig and Oz’s hands, still linked, neither of them aware of the fact

“Just my luck, a couple of fruity fags,” the young man snorted.

Craig let go of Oz’s hand, his eyes turning dark. They glanced at each other.

“Well, that was rude, wasn’t it?” Craig asked.

Oz agreed. “I think that young man needs to be taught a lesson.” They followed the man as he walked backward down the alley, trying to keep an eye on them. They passed a dark alcove, and a silent communication passed between them.

“What’re you fairies gonna do to me, huh?” the man said, breathing hard, nervous as all hell, but not wanting to give away anything. For a couple of queers, these guys were—scary.

“I’m not a fairy, but you’re about to find out what we both are, dude,” Oz growled, grabbing the man’s wrist as Craig moved behind him.

He only had time to let out a short scream before they closed in.vamp

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10 thoughts on “More Sins

  1. Love the picture for this snippet! Great snippets s well, can’t for next weeks.


  2. Thanks 🙂 I wish I could find the original posting of it, it’s quite creative 🙂 and thanks for the complement about my snippet 🙂 I’m ready to wade into crafting the sire now–he’s going to be a unique being for certain.


  3. Interesting snippet. Looks like someone just learned that crime doesn’t pay…


  4. No–not for him, anyway 🙂


  5. Note to self: Do not piss of vampires. LOL. I guess he paid the ultimate price for his crime of robbing a drunk man.


  6. Yeah, that’s true, but to Craig and Oz, he was just their next meal 🙂 I think the outcome might have been the same if he’d have been a priest wearing vestments 🙂


  7. Call it cosmic justice, then, or karma. He got what he deserved, and these two characters get much more sympathy than if they partook of the wine they call the holy blood.


  8. –and what makes you think they didn’t? They don’t call it holy blood, anyway. They just called him dinner 🙂 plus leftovers for Carl ❤


  9. Love the pic! Why his wrist, I am wondering…


  10. Usually, vampires go for arteries in the human body, the vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood. They might not need to breathe, but breath IS necessary for talking. Oz grabbed the man’s wrist, his intended target being the radial artery. He left the larger blood vessel in the man’s neck (the carotid artery) for Craig, who needed more blood faster due to his depleted condition. I hope that somewhat long-winded explanation helped 🙂


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