Beautiful Lightning

A small sample from one of my shorter pieces–not a vampire in sight 🙂

Mirrors? No chance, he thinks with a shudder, closing his eyes. He’s had no mirrors in his house since he took a hammer and smashed them all, one by precious one, then spent an afternoon sweeping up the pieces with half closed eyes just so he wouldn’t see a clear image of himself in the fragments. He used to catch a glimpse of himself in his computer workstation monitor years ago until he got a no glare screen, and he is certain it has only gotten worse since then. He’s gotten rid of all the reflective surfaces in his house, including the kitchen appliances. More phobias for the virtual doctor to worry about—BDD, eisoptrophobia, agoraphobia—alphabet soup, really , but this is his reality, the only one he knows.

He feels his face, the only human contact he can tolerate, and it feels normal, but—he’s afraid. If he’s ugly, people will be scared of him, and if he’s beautiful, they will only care about how he looks. They don’t know that he has a beautiful soul, that he can recite Shakespeare and poetry, and he writes poems about nature, and poems about love.

Love that he believes will never be his.

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14 thoughts on “Beautiful Lightning

  1. Oooh! I love this! I want to know more about him. Like who he is and… everything!


    1. This was one of the first things I wrote and published to Amazon–it was so easy it scared me a little; just a few tweaks and off it went 🙂 Thank you for the lovely complement. Evan is indeed a Renaissance man–if only he would open himself 🙂


  2. Wow, intense and raises many questions. Very effective snippet.


  3. Interesting. In eliminating that which he fears has he not also condemned himself to an eternity as his own prisoner?


  4. Yes, exactly. He’s also punishing himself for his mother, who had the same condition as he does. Maybe if he turns himself into her, he can atone for her death. This is addressed in the story, but as it happens sometimes, perhaps more questions are raised 🙂


  5. I love this! All of this. Love it. It’s so beautiful and flows so nicely in painting a picture in my head. My heart aches for him and silently urges him to take a plunge all at once. And the lines about being ugly, beautiful, and society’s view of that compared to a beautiful soul… WOW. You couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any better there. Well done! I definitely want more of this one!


  6. How sweet 🙂 What a lovely complement ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed it; This piece is short but sweet and it's on Amazon ❤ I can post more next week 🙂


  7. This dude has problems, yet he’s oddly appealing.


  8. Poor Evan–he inherited most of his problems from his mother, but you’re right–people would like him if he could only reach out–


    1. That’s what I was aiming for, thank you–I wanted to share his inner turmoil.


  9. So much suffering. And the mirror breaking is not helping, is it seven years of unhappiness when you break one? Or is that just a thing French people say?


  10. Yes, that’s a superstition that’s almost universal, but poor Evan’s been unlucky almost his entire life, so a broken mirror isn’t that important where it concerns bad luck, poor man.


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