What Happened Next

For you the curious, here’s what happened after Alasdair’s declaration–

Edgar’s eyes turned huge with shock, swimming with tears.  “Alasdair, I’ve waited so long for this, waited to tell you, instead of whispering to myself when you weren’t here.”  He raised Alasdair‘s hands to his face, laying them on his cheeks.

“I love you, I have always loved you, even through the bad times.  I would love to bond with you.” He searched his eyes, then took back his hands.  Alasdair gently stroked Edgar’s face with his thumbs, then smiled at him.

“First, I have to tell you what happened at the meeting.  Our Bruce brought his not so long lost lover, of course, and–this man does indeed have access to knowledge that could be dangerous to both of us.  He is an extremely strong and vital individual. Also, the love between them is powerful, extremely so.”  He stared into his eyes.      “Almost as strong as ours will be when we are bonded.  There are complications, however, because of the fact that I have kept you alive long after your time.  So, we have just a short time to purge your system, to prepare you.”      He leaned back on the couch and drew Edgar’s head onto his shoulder.


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