Heart’s Embers

My snippet this week is from the sequel to The Ancient. Bruce has just gotten out of the hospital and Jeffrey has helped him get ready for bed–and he’s missed him very much. Bruce has missed him too, and takes the upper hand. A rather heated snippet, matching the weather lately —

Jeffrey nodded, his eyes closed. He leaned back on the pillow, trembling as Bruce returned his attention to Jeffrey, slowly trailing his moist tongue down and starting delicious goose bumps on his skin. He listened to the small cries coming from Jeffrey as he touched the velvety end of Jeffrey’s erection with the tip of his tongue, making that little drop of glistening moisture he coaxed from him stretch and spin between the two like a spider‘s web.

“It–feels so good–,” Jeffrey sighed, his back arching.

Bruce stopped, looking at his lover.

“God, don’t stop–please–”

Come read more Rainbow snippets–something for every taste–

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14 thoughts on “Heart’s Embers

  1. They missed each other oh right. Smexy.


    1. Oh yes, and they have catching up to do 🙂 again and again ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very steamy! Lovers reconnecting is one of my favorite sexy times.


  3. Mine too ❤ Both these men have gone through the fire, physically as well as mentally.


  4. Thanks ! Those two do love each other–frequently, I might add 🙂


    1. Thank you ❤ not too hot, not too cool–but just right 🙂


  5. Private welcome home parties are the best…


  6. Oh yes–and my beautiful men take full advantage ❤


  7. Phew! That is hawt. 🙂


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