Thomas and Charles

This is a snippet from my recently expanded version of Las Vegas Circle in which Charles is very frustrated with Thomas– he doesn’t realize his secret just yet. All he knows is that he wants him–

“Christ, just get in there and finish yourself off, you idiot.” I step in and grab the shower gel, paying particular attention to my front, stroking myself with a lazy twist of my fist, then reaching back with my other hand to stick a finger in.

I shiver, moving faster, up and down, in and out, and as I come with a strangled shout, I watch the water rinse my leavings off the shower tiles. I prop myself up with one hand, my head hanging down, my chest heaving.

I shouted his name.

There’s something different about him, but what?

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12 thoughts on “Thomas and Charles

  1. Poor Charles! What a frustrating, unsatisfying climax!


  2. I do feel for him–he doesn’t know how to approach Thomas but he’ll find a way 🙂


  3. louiselyons013 July 30, 2016 — 8:43 pm

    Well that was hot, even though it didn’t sound very satisfying for him.


  4. Oh, don’t worry about Charles–he’ll get lucky later in the book 🙂


  5. frustrating naughty times!!! 😉


    1. Ah yes–poor Charles would definitely rather have Thomas in the flesh (wink)


  6. Sounds like he’d rather have had the real thing.

    That picture is delicious! Goodness, those lips look very kissable.


  7. Oh he would definitely love the real thing ❤ Poor Charles may well get the chance yet–I'm glad you liked it. Glad you liked the picture too–but you should use caution while kissing a vampire (wink)


  8. It almost sounds like he’s surprised/embarrassed that he shouted his name.


  9. That was perceptive of you ❤ I think Charles is used to being the object of obsession instead of the other way around.


  10. I like that he shouted afterwards. That’s very intriguing.


  11. Poor Charles is so frustrated; he wants Thomas badly but he hesitates–maybe he’s a little afraid of him? (wink)


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