Alasdair and Jules

This snippet is from the wedding dance that Alasdair attended–he’s asked Jules to dance with him, and Jules is wondering how Alasdair knew what her and Bruce’s conversation was about–oh, that vampire hearing–

“Alasdair, how did you hear Bruce when he told me he was going to invite you to sit with us?”

He smiled with a twitch of his lips.  “My hearing is also legendary.  I also heard your comment about my braid being as long as I am tall, but that is not quite true, my dear.  It has been known to touch the floor when I sit on a low stool, however.”

Embarrassed, she tried to stammer an apology, but he shook his head slightly.

“There is no offense taken, Julia. None whatsoever.” He smiled once more at her, and they continued dancing, her embarrassed blush showing on her cheeks.  “For your charming spouse, I will most likely choose a slow dance so he is not tempted to whirl me around too quickly. I’m a traditional Scotsman in fact if not appearance, so more might be revealed than would be prudent for this social gathering.”

That made Jules laugh out loud.  That mental picture should last her awhile, she thought. Ancient (1)



12 thoughts on “Alasdair and Jules

    1. thanks 🙂 Alasdair has been Scottish since before there was a Scotland; his family migrated to Europe from Asia, and he and his mate crossed into Britain over the land bridge —


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