The Time Before

Here’s an Ancient sample about Alasdair’s life in the prehistory of Scotland–keep in mind that he has gone through many lives in the many millennia since–

Aadargha is standing by the shore of the lake before anyone is awake, even his mate.  He looks at the thriving settlement, with good sturdy houses, huts and shelters made of skins.  It is clean and well ordered.  Fish and deer meat dries on frames in the keeper huts.  Life is good.  If only Mayra could become with child, then everything would be perfect.  His seed has not been able to take root in her, to make her stomach swell like some of the other women in the camp.  He smiles, thinking that it was not for lack of trying.  Giving her his life force was indeed pleasurable.

He looks down at his feet, bare against the ground.  He feels a vibration, both familiar and troubling.  He has not felt this since he had left the high country to the east with his own family.  The vibration intensifies, shaking the poles and the simple foundations of the houses.  People come running out, scared and frightened.  Mayra comes rushing to his side.  Some of them have never felt this before, and Aadargha tries to reassure them.


Meeting Lando

My snippet this week is about a character you haven’t met yet from The Ancient–Jeffrey’s beloved Poppa Lando. He lives in Australia, and Bruce is meeting him for the first time on Skype–Leia is Jeffrey’s first love and Lando’s daughter–Oh, and one more thing–pakeha means “white man” in Maori <3–

“I made Leia a promise, Pakeha, that I would find out if the love you and Bruce have for each other is genuine.” He looked at them, his eyes twinkling.  “I must tell you that I have never seen as strong a love as the one you bear one another. I see it in the way you look at each other; the simple little unconscious gestures you display in each other’s presence. It is like an invisible cord that has bound you for as long as you have known each other, and you have known and will know each other for more lives than this.”  He stopped.

“I wish to bless you both.”

The Ancient–nominated for an Indie Book Award for Paranormal Romance 🙂

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Family Matters

This week, I’m giving a little something from my almost finished WIP–a re-editing of an old unpublished work that’s a prequel of sorts to Talk Of The Town–Phitz, Caitlin, and Gil being the focus here–Phitz is about to meet Gil for the first time–

Phitz made his way past scarred wooden tables with the ghosts of overlapping rings from coffee mugs and cups. No saucers in a place like this; too artsy fartsy. Ashtrays overflowing with yellow-tipped butts dotted each one, and Phitz snorted a little to himself, thinking that the poor overworked woman behind the counter just gave up after a while and said “fuck it” whenever she looked at them. He caught a glimpse of himself in the hazy mirror behind the bar and turned away. He didn’t like looking at himself in the mirror; a geeky slender guy reaching toward thirty, with soft brown eyes and carroty red hair spiked with too much gel, and a pale, clean shaven face full of angles. An ex-girlfriend had once told him that he reminded her of a priest, and at that thought, he looked down at his t-shirt, still tie-dyed with yesterday’s lunch and half hidden under the camo jacket with “Fitzhugh” stitched on the patch above the pocket. No Roman collar here, sorry.

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A Passionate Encounter

I decided I was in the mood for something a little spicier–and my followers might be as well. Bruce and Jeffrey are very busy –I should add that they find interesting uses for rose oil —Two Glasses of Red Wine Abstract Heart Splash

He bent down and gently licked Bruce’s neck, drinking the small amount of wine he found there, letting his tongue trail downward when he had finished. He stuck his tongue into the small pool of wine in his navel, drawing it up. He gently licked the leftovers that ran down onto Bruce‘s erection, softly moving his tongue up and down.      He could feel Bruce vibrating, small whimpers coming from his throat.


“Mmmmm, roses smell better than they taste,” Jeffrey whispered, his voice fragile and trembling.  “And you taste better than wine, love.”

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*Image courtesy of Mother Earth News*

Together still

For my snippet this Sunday, I chose a continuation of my Rainbow Snippet of yesterday from The Ancient–Bruce and Jeffrey have finally found each other again, and they’re not letting go–

“I remember the snowball fights we used to have, then going inside to get warm under that fur quilt.”  He leaned over and whispered in Jeffrey’s ear. “God, I loved that fur quilt, and what was under it.”

Jeffrey nodded, smiling, then stopped and looked at Bruce’s overnight bag. His eyes got bright, crinkling up at the edges.  “Are–are you staying the night, love?  Can I be that lucky?”

“I am, if that’s all right.”  He smiled.

Jeffrey gave him an exasperated look.

“Is it any wonder that I love you so much?”  He took Bruce’s hand and looked in his eyes, seeing the bright, happy look.  “Yes, I said it, Bruce. I never said it enough, and I intend to say it now every chance I get.”  He looked at Bruce closer, searching his face.

“I love you. I’m in love with you, I’ve been in love with you from the moment you walked out of that bookstore, and I’ll be in love with you when we’re eighty years old and feeding pigeons from a park bench.”

Bruce cradled his face in his hands again.  “Just don’t wear your belt under your armpits and you’ve got a deal.” Ancient (1)


Together Again

This week’s snippet is from The Ancient–Bruce and Jules have had an epic, final argument, and Bruce has gone to be with Jeffrey–where he’s always belonged.

“Come in, my love, I’ve been waiting.”

Bruce stepped inside, then put his things down on the floor by the door as Jeffrey closed and locked it.  When he turned to face Bruce once again, he held his arms out, and Bruce entered their circle.  Jeffrey held him with a fierce, protective gesture, his eyes squeezed shut, and Bruce wrapped his arms around him, his fists clenching his shirt, burying his face in his neck.

“Jeffrey, I missed you so much, I–” He started crying, almost sobbing, he couldn’t help it.  All the years without him, all the nights he lay in bed awake, even when he was beside Jules, they all came crashing down.
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Merchant Of Venice Beach

I thought I would post another snippet from my m/m Shakespearean adaption from A Summer’s Day  Anthology–up for preorder and all profits go to It Gets Better ❤
Lifelong friends Tony and Bartholomew are seeking a loan from notorious homophobe Sherlock Palmer–

“Why don’t we just cut to the chase and you tell me why you two queers are here in my office.”

Now that lit a fire in my eyes. Bartholomew sat down and, well—I simply glared.

“Gee, Mr. Palmer, are you sure you want to talk to your customers and fellow business associates that way?” I told him, barely controlling myself. He didn’t answer, but waved his hand at Bartholomew.

“What’s he doing here?” Bartholomew cleared his throat.

“I came here seeking a loan, Mr. Palmer,” he answered. “Ten thousand dollars.”

“And I’m guaranteeing payback,” I said. He grunted, fixing me with his stare.

“And just how would you be able to do that, Mr. Natale, seeing as how your entire capital is held up in clothing ventures?”

A cold feeling shot through me when he said that. How did he know?

“That’s true, sir,” I answered, “but I’ll have that clothing line marketed, stocked and sold well before the loan comes due.”

We both watched as Sherlock stood and began his pacing routine. Jesse had already told me this is what he did when he had to think about a difficult subject. I wasn’t stupid, though. I kept my eyes fixed on him, to be sure.