Porsche and Mercy

My snippet is from my modern treatment of a classic play, entitled The Merchant Of Venice Beach–with an m/m twist– part of the classic quality of mercy speech–

“It’s not hard to show mercy, though,” Porsche said, continuing his walkabout. “It’s there; it’s all around us all the time. It falls on the rich, the poor, the powerful; it suits that powerful man better than a ten-thousand dollar watch, and it’s cheaper. It’s free.” He turned, looking Sherlock right in the eyes, seeing with satisfaction that the man was sweating a little. He looked over at their audience, and they were quiet, attentive, maybe even mesmerized.


Come sample more Rainbow snippets–something for every taste–




16 thoughts on “Porsche and Mercy

  1. Great snippet. I don’t know The Merchant of Venice too well, but I get a great sense of the characters here, and you’ve inspired me to read it. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for your Hamlet! 🙂


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