Merchant Of Venice Beach

I thought I would post another snippet from my m/m Shakespearean adaption from A Summer’s Day  Anthology–up for preorder and all profits go to It Gets Better ❤
Lifelong friends Tony and Bartholomew are seeking a loan from notorious homophobe Sherlock Palmer–

“Why don’t we just cut to the chase and you tell me why you two queers are here in my office.”

Now that lit a fire in my eyes. Bartholomew sat down and, well—I simply glared.

“Gee, Mr. Palmer, are you sure you want to talk to your customers and fellow business associates that way?” I told him, barely controlling myself. He didn’t answer, but waved his hand at Bartholomew.

“What’s he doing here?” Bartholomew cleared his throat.

“I came here seeking a loan, Mr. Palmer,” he answered. “Ten thousand dollars.”

“And I’m guaranteeing payback,” I said. He grunted, fixing me with his stare.

“And just how would you be able to do that, Mr. Natale, seeing as how your entire capital is held up in clothing ventures?”

A cold feeling shot through me when he said that. How did he know?

“That’s true, sir,” I answered, “but I’ll have that clothing line marketed, stocked and sold well before the loan comes due.”

We both watched as Sherlock stood and began his pacing routine. Jesse had already told me this is what he did when he had to think about a difficult subject. I wasn’t stupid, though. I kept my eyes fixed on him, to be sure.


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