Together still

For my snippet this Sunday, I chose a continuation of my Rainbow Snippet of yesterday from The Ancient–Bruce and Jeffrey have finally found each other again, and they’re not letting go–

“I remember the snowball fights we used to have, then going inside to get warm under that fur quilt.”  He leaned over and whispered in Jeffrey’s ear. “God, I loved that fur quilt, and what was under it.”

Jeffrey nodded, smiling, then stopped and looked at Bruce’s overnight bag. His eyes got bright, crinkling up at the edges.  “Are–are you staying the night, love?  Can I be that lucky?”

“I am, if that’s all right.”  He smiled.

Jeffrey gave him an exasperated look.

“Is it any wonder that I love you so much?”  He took Bruce’s hand and looked in his eyes, seeing the bright, happy look.  “Yes, I said it, Bruce. I never said it enough, and I intend to say it now every chance I get.”  He looked at Bruce closer, searching his face.

“I love you. I’m in love with you, I’ve been in love with you from the moment you walked out of that bookstore, and I’ll be in love with you when we’re eighty years old and feeding pigeons from a park bench.”

Bruce cradled his face in his hands again.  “Just don’t wear your belt under your armpits and you’ve got a deal.” Ancient (1)


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18 thoughts on “Together still

  1. Karen Michelle Nutt August 14, 2016 — 5:01 pm

    What a declaration!


    1. –and he means every word of it ❤


  2. A sweet snippet, fierce expressions of love are always a good thing!


  3. Thank you ❤ They've worked hard for this; they've been separated, but I fear they have more bitter waters to wade through, knowing Alasdair–


  4. So sweet and yet spicy at the same time! ::sigh::


    1. Why thank you 🙂 those guys are just so goofy together 🙂 Maybe next time I’ll put up the scene where Bruce counts Jeffrey’s freckles–ALL of them 🙂


  5. Sweet scene and that last line made me laugh!


  6. Oh thank you ❤ I just had to drag up an image of my grampy for that one 🙂


  7. What a scene, I mean wow. Things are heating up.


  8. Oh yes, they are definitely heating up (wink) I’m glad you liked it 🙂


  9. Combining their banter with the title of the book, I have some interesting conjectures regarding what this story’s about.


  10. Bruce is one half of the couple that Alasdair Connery has marked–Jeffrey is Bruce’s long lost college lover. Here’s the blurb. Let me know if you were wrong 🙂
    Alasdair Connery has seen a lot in ten thousand years.
    He’s the first of his kind; the father of all nightwalkers. Together with his trusted assistant Edgar, he trolls for victims to feed from at his time of blood lust. When he’s invited to a wedding, he meets his perfect choices—a married couple. Bruce and Jules have their own sets of insecurities and secrets. She hides a wealth of insecurities under a shield of bravado, and Bruce? He hides the fact that he can’t stop thinking about the love of his life—his college flame Dr. Jeffrey Bayfield. With Alasdair’s powers of seduction working a little too well, he finds that both of them are growing somewhat dependent on him.
    Growing increasingly annoyed at their emotional baggage, some of which he is responsible for, he’s willing to put up with their games for a short time, but something has to happen before his blood fever is over for another fifty years and he has to go back to donors once again, unable to kill humans for their red gift. He rather likes the killing part.
    And what is he going to do about Edgar’s own growing feelings for him?


  11. Sounds like some honesty is coming out. That’s always a good thing. Great scene!


  12. Thank you so much ❤ Yes indeed, time for honesty 🙂


  13. Sweet, sexy and funny! Great snippet. 🙂


  14. Thank you so much 🙂 that’s what I was aiming for 🙂 My guys go through a lot in the book ❤


  15. Awww, sweet scene, but also a little intense. I wonder what the significance of the last line is though.


  16. It has no real significance–it’s just Bruce being a smart alec and commenting on some choices that elderly gentlemen might make –perhaps to keep their pants up ?? I’m glad you liked it –thanks much 🙂


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