Meeting Lando

My snippet this week is about a character you haven’t met yet from The Ancient–Jeffrey’s beloved Poppa Lando. He lives in Australia, and Bruce is meeting him for the first time on Skype–Leia is Jeffrey’s first love and Lando’s daughter–Oh, and one more thing–pakeha means “white man” in Maori <3–

“I made Leia a promise, Pakeha, that I would find out if the love you and Bruce have for each other is genuine.” He looked at them, his eyes twinkling.  “I must tell you that I have never seen as strong a love as the one you bear one another. I see it in the way you look at each other; the simple little unconscious gestures you display in each other’s presence. It is like an invisible cord that has bound you for as long as you have known each other, and you have known and will know each other for more lives than this.”  He stopped.

“I wish to bless you both.”

The Ancient–nominated for an Indie Book Award for Paranormal Romance 🙂

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