The Time Before

Here’s an Ancient sample about Alasdair’s life in the prehistory of Scotland–keep in mind that he has gone through many lives in the many millennia since–

Aadargha is standing by the shore of the lake before anyone is awake, even his mate.  He looks at the thriving settlement, with good sturdy houses, huts and shelters made of skins.  It is clean and well ordered.  Fish and deer meat dries on frames in the keeper huts.  Life is good.  If only Mayra could become with child, then everything would be perfect.  His seed has not been able to take root in her, to make her stomach swell like some of the other women in the camp.  He smiles, thinking that it was not for lack of trying.  Giving her his life force was indeed pleasurable.

He looks down at his feet, bare against the ground.  He feels a vibration, both familiar and troubling.  He has not felt this since he had left the high country to the east with his own family.  The vibration intensifies, shaking the poles and the simple foundations of the houses.  People come running out, scared and frightened.  Mayra comes rushing to his side.  Some of them have never felt this before, and Aadargha tries to reassure them.

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14 thoughts on “The Time Before

  1. Feels like a premonition of trouble.


  2. It is–the worst kind of trouble–


  3. Very evocative snippet! I’m really looking forward to reading more.


    1. Thank you; I’m glad you liked it ❤


  4. Great description, and the rhythm of the words is luscious.


  5. Oh how sweet 🙂 thank you ❤


  6. Karen Michelle Nutt August 29, 2016 — 2:06 am

    Wonderful imagery. I’m intrigued to know more.


  7. Thank you — I’m glad you’re intrigued 🙂


  8. I’m picturing an earth tremor, although you may come up with a supernatural explanation.


    1. No, not yet 🙂 That comes later 🙂 Right now it is indeed a tremor, and the citizens are basically trapped.


  9. Hm, I wonder what the tremor is all about? You have such a serene scene, but there is a preternatural sense to the tremor, like a premonition… Good snippet!


  10. It’s an earthquake–a fracturing of the earth and a fracturing of the world as they know it. The Earth was still in flux then in that area of the world, and Doggerland had disappeared not too long before. I’m glad you liked the snippet 🙂 Thank you ❤


  11. Earthquaaaaaake!! LOL. I feel like that quake is going to bring more trouble than just natural disaster. Great flow within the snippet. You paint a vivid picture.


  12. Oh yes–it brings heartache, violent death, heartbreak, and it will change Alasdair’s (Aadargha’s) and his mate’s life for–literally–forever 🙂 Thanks for the gracious complement 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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