Alasdair’s Revelation

My snippet this week is again from The Ancient, in which Bruce finds out what Alasdair really is–


He looked down as he finished buttoning his shirt, then looked at Alasdair again.  There was a small streak of blood on his chin–Bruce’s blood.  Alasdair saw him looking, then snaked his long tongue out of his mouth, cleaning it off.  He smiled, his eyes mischievous and sparkling. His fangs had not fully retracted, and Bruce could see the tips of his eyeteeth resting on his lower lip, still stained with crimson.

“What in God’s name are you?” Bruce asked him, his voice shaking.


Come read more Rainbow Snippets here–something for every taste; maybe even Alasdair’s (wink)

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14 thoughts on “Alasdair’s Revelation

  1. Whoa! Great and scary moment…


    1. Thank you 🙂 Alasdair is usually very nice–until it’s time to not be nice (Road House wink)


  2. A very enticing snippet. Sounds really interesting.


    1. Thank you ❤ Bruce had a hard time believing, but–I think Alasdair convinced him–

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  3. Love Alisdair’s playfulness juxtaposed with Bruce’s sudden fear.


  4. Thank you 🙂 Alasdair does love to play — 🙂


  5. I’d like to know what he is too.


    1. Would you? Do you think you’d survive it? For you, I shall post here Alasdair’s answer. Just to let you know, Alasdair tends to speak a little formally–until he gets to know you 🙂

      “I am indeed what you call a vampire, Bruce, a nightwalker, one of the undead, and whatever else we are called. Together with my spouse, we have sired many like ourselves through the centuries, who in turn sired others. As far as I know, we were the first.”

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      1. Thank you for posting the extra for me, Kathy. I kind of guessed he would be a vampire with the bite but I hadn’t known he’d be that old. One of the firsts. Bruce might be in more trouble than he expects. 😀


  6. Oh, much more trouble 🙂 Alasdair and his mate migrated across Europe from Asia when Britain and Europe were connected by a land bridge; Doggerland. That was some interesting research. Alasdair’s memory palace is quite extensive.


  7. Oh, thank you 🙂 Alasdair is indeed an intense being; and so is Bruce’s reaction to him 🙂


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