More Arthur

Here’s another snippet from Crimson Christmas following up on my last one, where we see Arthur’s visit to the Victorian Village 🙂

The taxi drops us off on a nearby curb, and we step into—a version of Dante’s Inferno.

Goggling, camera clad tourists are mixing with Victorian ladies and gentlemen dressed much like myself, albeit more cheaply. I remove my sunglasses reluctantly as Mimsy opens the taxi door for me, then leans over to pay the driver. As I follow the vehicle’s progress down the street with longing, Mimsy takes my elbow and steers me toward a small alcove concealing a door with “Employee Entrance” inscribed thereon. People are swiveling their heads to stare at me, and more than one of them holds up their ubiquitous smartphones to snap a picture. Little do they know it will never show a thing.

“This is insane,” she mumbles. “I didn’t think it would be this crowded.” We stop and I stand in front of her, wearing my usual put upon expression on my face.

“I’ll text you as soon as I know when my jailers are letting me go, Mimsy, all right?”

She nodded as I opened the door.

“Just wait until you’re in the employee lounge or wherever they have you wait; I doubt that they’ll let you use phones in front of the customers, you know, just so they can preserve the illusion.”




24 thoughts on “More Arthur

    1. No, he’s not time traveling–I’ll post a small clip here, and some of the other postings on the blog will make it more clear 🙂
      This is my favorite season—Christmas.
      I know what you’re thinking, though; I think it every night myself. How can a vampire love Christmas, it being a religious holiday and all? Well, the truth is that I’ve never been religious, so it doesn’t bother me in the least. I’ve loved this holiday since Victorian times, when I lived in London, and take it from me, they know how to do Christmas. Not like here in modern America, where one is subjected to shouting displays of BUY BUY BUY, and SPEND SPEND SPEND every time one turns on the telly.


  1. I’ll always post a little explanation for anyone who doesn’t quite understand; sometimes I post snippets from further on in the story 🙂 Arthur is a rather young vampire in the scheme of things–as he gets older he’ll go through periods of being visible on film 🙂


  2. The bit about him not showing up in pictures clued me into his vampireness. Vampirity? Vampirousness? Anyway, this could be a major problem in the modern world, because the pic shows up so quickly. I could imagine someone taking a pic, looking at their phone, and screaming for the nearest garlic vendor.


  3. The modern world also gives an explanation–there could be glitches, failure of some part of the phone–anything, really. Remember what Dr. Van Helsing said–“The strength of the vampire is that men will not believe in him.” Also, advancing technology might well produce an image of some sort; who can tell? My vampires aren’t allergic to garlic–they just don’t like it ❤


  4. The scene is a bit chaotic, so someone not capturing Arthur on a smartphone might be passed off as quite a few things. However, if someone did indeed get curious and come sniffing around, they wouldn’t remain curious for long. Arthur isn’t one to turn down an unscheduled meal when the opportunity presents itself 🙂


  5. Oh, you’re not wrong 🙂 Arthur hates interacting with people, except when he’s –feeding (wink) I have a few other snippets from Crimson Christmas that make it a little more clear, but dear Arthur is a 150 year old Victorian vampire, and his “Renfield” Mimsy is taking him to a Victorian Christmas Village experience in his gentlemen’s outfit so he can feel more at home for a change of pace and possibly find a companion. The shout is from the personnel manager,:) the person in charge of the costumed actors.


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