For my snippet this Sunday, I give you a passage from The Ancient, in which Jules is snooping in Bruce’s memory box — and finds something quite private–

She took a small red envelope out of the pile, with one single sheet of stationery inside. There was one paragraph written on it, single spaced in pen.  As she opened it, she caught a faint whiff of old roses.   As she read it, she felt like she was peeking in a private, intimate moment, even though she was Bruce’s wife, even though she was married to him–


“Bruce, my beloved–

Love with you was everything I thought it would be and more.  I think of you touching me, putting your hands on me, your mouth on me, and I know I could never get enough of you. Did I make you feel the same? And when I made love to you, I found myself whirling in an explosion, a firestorm of feeling. There was nothing else in my universe but you. I loved the feel of your breath on my chest as we held each other after, your soft curls on my skin as I breathed in your scent. The second time, I laid my head on your chest after you were so gentle with me knowing it was my first time receiving, your first time giving. I felt the gentle rise and fall of your chest, felt the rhythm of your body speaking to me. Your eyes burning into me spoke volumes, and I long to know your heart. As for mine, it has become undone. No one else could ever have a chance of making me feel the way that you do. I want to wake in your arms, then hold you as you sleep every night, every morning until we cease to be. Through time and space, my soul is yours, my love. I need to be with you again like I need to breathe.  I love you. Only you, forever.


Your Jeffrey, always”


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8 thoughts on “Jules

  1. What a wonderful love letter. I’m worried about her reaction to it though — I hope she doesn’t destroy it.


  2. Thank you 🙂 at this point, Jules and Alasdair have already made love, and he ‘s marked her just as he’s marked Bruce after their seductive interlude. She’s feeling more than a tad guilty, and at this point, she has the suspicion he’s cheating–she knows it isn’t with Jeffrey, because he’s in Australia– as far as she knows 🙂 She’s worried about Bruce finding out she’s been snooping, so she puts the letter back 🙂 Bruce hasn’t seen Jeffrey for quite a while–


    1. Beautiful letter and I liked the description of the scent of old roses and her feelings about what she’s looking at.


      1. Thank you so much; I’m glad you liked it 🙂


  3. As the others have said, it’s a beautiful love letter. The signature is what gives it power, though. What a revelation for the wife!


  4. Thanks ❤ Jules knew about Bruce's bisexuality, and she knew about Jeffrey; she just didn't realize how serious and intense it really was.


  5. Wow! Beautiful love letter! Very deep and meaningful. I wonder how she’s going to take reading that though…


  6. Jules is having her own guilty moments; at this point, she has already done the deed with Alasdair. She cares for Bruce; she didn’t realize the depth of his feelings for Jeffrey. She’ll do her best not to let on that she’s read Bruce’s memory box —


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