Talk Show

Here’s a snippet from the start of Talk Of The Town, in which Craig is filming his show–if you’ve ever been stuck at home watching those Springeresque episodes, you ‘ll be able to relate 🙂

The disheveled lady with her large stomach overflowing her sweatpants screamed at the top of her lungs, spittle flying out of her mouth in strings, her hair like snakes.  A veritable Medusa. She rushed her skeletal soon to be ex-husband on the other side of the stage, he of the baggy t-shirt with stiff armpits and tobacco stains, all sunken cheeks, pasty bad skin, and a mullet and moustache straight out of 1976.  On the way, she pushed Craig aside and his arm brushed her, making one of her pendulous breasts escape the armhole of her oversized tank top.  Everyone in the audience, including the crew, saw a flat puckered nipple with one single coarse black hair on the outskirts of her areola bobbing like Mitch Miller conducting an orchestra. Follow the bouncing boob, so to speak.

Read more Rainbow Snippets here–something for every taste:



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