Craig and Mike

My snippet this week is from Talk Of The Town, describing just a little of the hell that Craig goes through with his “partner” Mike–



     Christ, he must have had a lot in that carryon bag.   Thank God Mike hadn’t punched him in the face again, because he wouldn’t have had the slightest idea how to explain it at work this time.  At least the makeup girl had hidden that one nicely, but his tetherball excuse wouldn’t have worked twice.  Usually, a few ice compresses got rid of the swelling.  And the questioning looks.

He put his palm on the flat of his stomach, rubbing it gently to soothe the sudden cramping.

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12 thoughts on “Craig and Mike

  1. I grabbed that tetherball reference from my own past; it really really hurts when you get smacked in the face with a tetherball, and Craig has to keep up appearances since he’s a talk show hose. As for the happy ending, well–let’s just say Mike learns the error of his ways.


  2. I can’t believe I still haven’t read that book as I have it on my Kindle for few months already. Probably has to do exactly with the domestic violence part that enrages me quite a lot.


  3. Craig has serious issues with self-worth; his public persona is at odds with his private one, and he tries and fails to realize that he’s worthy enough for someone to love him back. Don’t worry, Mike gets his in the book 🙂


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