Crafting a vampire

My character snippet this week is from my WIP Crimson Christmas. This is Ciaran, Arthur’s future partner for the Victorian Village walkabout. Arthur may be wondering if he’s undead, but luckily we don’t have to–

Here I am again, propping up a brick wall leading into a fairly clean alleyway off the main drag. There’s Christmas in the air, and I’m checking out the street decorations as I’m dangling a lit cigarette between my fingers. I really don’t smoke, but it makes good window dressing. Ah, this boyo knows how good looking he is, with my black Irish curly hair and pouty red lips—all the gents love me for certain. Had to change out of my work clothes so it’s not too incongruous, and I really don’t want to get them dirty or soiled. That would suck. I snicker at myself. That’s just what I’m about to do, after all.

My musings are interrupted by the short buzzing of my phone nestled in my jeans pocket. It’s playing more Vampire Weekend now, and I laugh at myself again as I answer.

“Ciaran here.”

“I have a partner for you, for tomorrow night.”

“And good evening to ya too, Martha; tell me a little.” I hear her sharp intake of breath; I thought she had quit being nervous of me.

Read some interesting snippets here–something for everyone 🙂 christmas

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10 thoughts on “Crafting a vampire

  1. Love the descriptions–and the plot thickens, I see. Great snippet!


  2. Thank you ❤ Yes, poor Arthur has no idea he's about to run into someone that is just as abrasive as he is–and possibly much more dangerous.


  3. Interesting character. Can’t wait to see him meet Arthur.


    1. Thanks 🙂 I have a feeling either sparks or blood will fly–


  4. Ugh, Christmas, not what I want to be thinking about yet. I wonder why Martha is so nervous of him, and what she is to him? Assistant?


    1. Yes, Martha is his “Renfield”, like Mimsy is Arthur’s, but but more secretive 🙂 Martha doesn’t know what to make of Ciaran yet; she doesn’t have enough experience in handling him like Mimsy does with Arthur. We shall see what happens when Ciaran and Arthur find out about each other-:)

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  5. He does think highly of himself! Interesting excerpt….


  6. Yeah, he’s a bit of a jerk–it’ll be interesting to see what Arthur thinks of him ❤


  7. Sounds like being easy going isn’t the only thing he’s good at. Great snippet, Kathy. 🙂


  8. Thanks ❤ Yes, he is multitalented indeed 🙂


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