Beautiful Lightning

Poor Evan is in a quandary–he desperately wants to invite someone inside his sanctuary, but–will he be able to?

What would happen if he invited her for coffee?

The very thought makes him sweat, but he forces himself. He could write her a small note, asking her if she could come tomorrow morning for just a short time, just one cup of coffee and perhaps a pastry. He is a very good chef, but he has not cooked or baked for another person since his mother left.

He decides not to make too many plans until he knows if she will accept. He could keep the house darkened, perhaps even set up the Japanese screen. He will hint at his condition a little in the invitation, just so she won’t be alarmed at his eccentric behavior.

But what if she catches a glimpse of him?

What if she’s married? Granted, she doesn’t wear a ring, but not every married person wears one. What if she has a boyfriend and brings him? One person in his sanctuary is bad enough, but two? Absolutely not. He could probably peek out the curtain when she arrives, and if she’s married or attached she would most likely not accept anyway. If she brings someone, he just wouldn’t answer the door.


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