Alasdair’s Room

I posted a snippet yesterday that got some curiosity going–here’s what happens after Alasdair takes Edgar to his hotel room after they’ve met at the Hollywoodland party–but what happens after THIS is–well, extremely erotic, shall we say–love8

“Would you like to come upstairs to my suite and talk about it? Perhaps we can be at each other’s service.”

Edgar nods, afraid to speak.

Alasdair takes his elbow and brings him up to his luxury suite. He puts his arm around his waist and walks him over to the edge of the bed, which is covered in sumptuous velvet. Edgar takes off his jacket and Alasdair unbuttons his shirt for him.  His eyes drift shut.  Neither one of them speaks, there’s no need. He didn’t think he would be enjoying it this much.

He shrugs the shirt off his shoulders, then unbuttons Alasdair’s shirt, letting it fall to the ground after he pulls it off. He reaches out his hands, finding Alasdair’s chest.  Edgar strokes him up and down with trembling fingers.  He opens his eyes, looking at this beautiful man as Alasdair leans over, putting his lips on his chest, smelling him with flaring nostrils. They sit on the edge of the bed and touch their lips together, their tongues meeting, running their hands over each other. Edgar watches Alasdair undressing him, even getting down on one knee to remove his shoes.  He watches as Edgar raises his hips, then he gently tugs down Edgar’s trousers. Alasdair reaches to his own slim waist to unfasten his kilt.  Edgar helps him, trembling and eager, until they are both totally nude. He tries to hide his small love handles, but Alasdair holds his arms.

“You are beautiful, Edgar. Do not hide that beauty,” Alasdair tells him, his striking eyes sparkling, hypnotic.

“Alasdair, I–”

He puts his finger on Edgar’s lips, then runs that finger slowly, sensuously across them.

“Shhhhhh. Let me show you how beautiful you are.”

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