Carl’s Eyes

This snippet is from Talk Of The Town, where Craig begins to get an inkling of just how powerful Carl is, and why he needs to wear glasses–

His pupils seemed to flex, changing into something almost animalistic or inhuman. Craig couldn’t help but stare.  “The blush on your cheeks is very attractive, Craig,” he said, still smiling. “It sets off your singular eyes.”  He looked into those eyes even deeper, making Craig freeze.

Occi Belli, with that dark nimbus around your color.”  He lowered his head, then stared back up at Craig.

“The eyes of a hunter.”

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14 thoughts on “Carl’s Eyes

    1. Thank you 🙂 Caps are flattering ❤


  1. (blush) Thanks 🙂 Carl’s eyes are killer–sometimes literally ❤


  2. Well isn’t Carl fascinating?


    1. He is indeed 🙂 suave, handsome, Italian–but over 400 years old ❤


  3. Eyes are Windows to the soul, looks like there is a lot to see in his eyes


  4. Yes, exactly ❤ Carl's eyes are his greatest power; they can seduce or kill, which comes in quite handy for him 🙂


  5. Love the description. And the hint of steaminess.


  6. Thank you so much 🙂 Oh yes, the hints of steam are indeed hints of the clouds of steaminess to come —


  7. Eyes are windows to the soul. They appear a lot in my books. I absolutely adore this. I want to know more about both of them


  8. Carl’s eyes are his special power; he can use them to seduce or kill–even both. Being human, Craig’s eyes, while beautiful, are ordinary eyes, but Carl has fallen hard for them–and their owner ❤


  9. Intriguing! I wonder if Carl is using the power of his eyes to win Craig, of if he’s letting nature take its course?


  10. Carl uses his spectacles as a filter to keep his power harnessed, but he’s not above using that power to “seal the deal.” Craig was more than halfway there already though 🙂


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