Bruce sees Jeffrey

This snippet is from The Ancient, in which Bruce and Jeffrey see each other for the first time since their disastrous breakup. Bruce is at his doctor’s office, unaware that Jeffrey has subbed for his regular physician–

Jeffrey.  Dr. Bayfield — after all these years. 

He hadn’t changed much at all, except for the glasses. That tall, lean frame. His chest, his shoulders–

That beautiful soul, loving him.

He blinked, picturing that frame wearing those white silk sleeping pants until he slid them off.  Those eyes staring into him with love and need, the soft wiry auburn hair he used to brush from that beautiful face when he had made it tousled, both of them slick and trembling with sweat after they had made love.  The warm, soft lips he used to watch when he would raise himself on one elbow and stare at him while he was sleeping.  He blinked, remembering him coming through their door when he had beaten Jeffrey home, and that first glimpse of him after not seeing him all day, the one that made his heart flutter in his chest–

I still love him–God help me–I always will—men-in-love1

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link for The Ancient:



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