Jeffrey’s Office

All right, I’ll do it ❤ this is what happens when Jeffrey leads Bruce into his office and the door closes– ❤

“Bruce, I—“  No. No more holding back, never again.

“Oh, God help me–”

They threw themselves at each other then, their mouths searching, hungry, their hands roughly exploring each other.  Bruce backed Jeffrey up against the wall, his lips crushed against his and running his hands up his chest. Jeffrey broke away with difficulty and brought his lips up to Bruce’s ear, whispering to him in a trembling voice.   “Oh love, I never want to leave you again, please, I’m so sorry–”

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16 thoughts on “Jeffrey’s Office

  1. Oh, thank you 🙂 that’s what I was going for; finally seeing each other again after so long. Jeffrey threw himself into his work, and Bruce worked on his relationship with Jules, but he and Jeffrey were always meant to be together.


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