Crimson Christmas

Here’s a snippet from my WIP vampire tale, due out late next week 🙂 this is a part of Arthur’s backstory–from his days helping his father in their funeral home. It’s Arthur’s turn to stay with the body overnight–

“Who is our unwilling guest tonight, then?” he asked.

Father stopped in the midst of putting on his greatcoat.

“Do you remember Terrance Squiers?”

“He of the dazzling smile and flirty grin with all the ladies hanging on?”

“Yes, that one,” Father snorted. “It’s him. A housemaid found him unconscious outside their back door almost a week ago, minus his trousers. One can only imagine why,” he said with a huff. “They cared for him until he stopped breathing. The doctors had no clue what was wrong, there wasn’t anything visibly amiss except for a wound on his—private area, most likely from some sort of wild animal.” Arthur stared at his father.

“Wouldn’t he have had more extensive wounds?”

Father nodded, agreeing with Arthur.

“One would think so, but that was the only explanation offered; I don’t think the local tarts would have been so–enthusiastic. Old Mother Sellers, was ranting on about vampires because of the condition of the body, which was very lifelike, shouting to anyone who would listen, and she must have gotten through to the poor man’s mother, because I had a request to fill the casket with white roses.” He chuckled as he grabbed his hat and walking stick. “I can’t complain, it added to our already large fee, the burial outfit was very expensive as well, came from Piggott and Smythe.”

“Seems a shame to bury it, but at least he’ll enter the afterlife dressed well, eh, Father?”

Read more snippets here:


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4 thoughts on “Crimson Christmas

  1. Uh oh, I have a feeling white roses may not be all that effective here?! Interesting snippet!


  2. Hmmm–methinks not ❤ Will Arthur be curious enough to–take a peek?


  3. Intriguing place for a vampire’s bite…


  4. Yes, isn’t it ? 🙂 My vampires prefer arteries for their feeding due to the oxygen-rich blood, and they dearly love to heat their victims’ blood with a rollicking orgasm–a great sendoff 🙂


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