The Final Betrayal

My snippet this week is the last epic argument between Bruce and Jules, after he finds out that she’s been snooping in his memory box of Jeffrey–it’s been building for a long time, and now–510563362

“Yes, I was remembering Jeffrey and yes, I still love him, in case you’re wondering,” he said.  “I never stopped.”

He paused, determined to hurt her like she had him.

“I only married you because you looked like him. You were choice number two.”

The sudden slap of her open hand against his cheek startled Bruce, shocking him into silence. Vibrating with contained fury, tears stinging her eyes, she grabbed her phone, scrolling, hitting the number she was looking for.

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16 thoughts on “The Final Betrayal

  1. Bruce gave voice to Jules’ deepest fear–she always suspected she came second. She feels guilty because she’s done things she ‘s not proud of as well–I hope you enjoy the whole book, the link’s in the post 🙂


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