Here’s one of my characters from Talk Of The Town–Craig’s director Oswald Brown–AKA Oz–Craig and Carl are attending a party at his loft–

“Sorry, Oz, that elevator is faster than we thought,” Craig said, blushing.  They stepped out into the entryway.   Craig took a long, good look at Oz.  He missed him.  He was one of his true friends.  He was in full Goth mode, with artfully applied eyeliner and midnight black clothing.  His sleeveless unbuttoned vest showed well muscled arms covered with dark red and blue tribal ink, and tantalizing glimpses of sculptured abs and pectorals that were equally illustrated.  Craig knew that those tattoos covered his entire torso, with a picture of a vampire with very long fangs taking a place of honor on his lower back. They had been in the studio gym one afternoon after work, and Oz’s ink man had just finished up the vampire the day before.  He was quite proud. He had a silver hoop in his left nostril, and one in his right eyebrow.  Little silver studs went up the curve of each ear.  His hair was black and straight, contrasting with his light blue eyes and tucked behind his ears. It reached down past his shoulders, with one slender braid on the left side of his head, a narrow silver chain weaved into it.  Craig smiled.  Oz really knew how to go all out.

But as he said once, he drew the line at black lipstick.


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6 thoughts on “Oz

  1. Great description, Kathy. 🙂


  2. I love drawing the line at black lipstick. LOL


  3. Yep–Oz is just a little vain; he figures it would detract from his total look 🙂


  4. Craig needs to be paying Oz a lot of attention even when he already know what is hidden under his clothes.


  5. It’s not for lack of trying on Craig’s part in the past, but–someone else has Craig’s eye these days 🙂 Also, Oz is very — straight 🙂


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