Merchant Of Venice Beach

This is a scene from my modern day  m/m version of Shakespeare, in which Porsche and Bartholomew have finally–gotten together 🙂


“God, you’re good at that,” he told him as he shivered, and he couldn’t help the little boogie his muscles put into his very interested cock. Porsche jumped a little when it hit the side of his ear, leaving a small drop of precum on the skin.

“Oh, look, Mr. Happy’s dancing,” Bartholomew grinned. That was all it took, and they both dissolved into gales of laughter, hugging each other.

“Oh–my God-,” Porsche gasped, drying his eyes with the corner of the fine cotton sheet. “I never laughed during sex before.”

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24 thoughts on “Merchant Of Venice Beach

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was a lot of fun to craft this for modern day–the hardest part was eliminating some of the lesser characters–oh, and giving it a happy ending 🙂 That’s why I waited to do Hamlet 🙂 No way that could have been HEA 🙂


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