Sins Of The Sire

Here’s a post from my WIP–Carl has just told Craig and Oz about Ninian ; he’s still at the library and Craig’s mother is in potential danger–

“Dr. Vivian O’Connor, curator.” He looked at Oz, then back at Carl. “Well, there you go, it’s not him. Vivian is a woman’s name.”

Oz nodded. ”See, nothing to worry about.”

Carl shook his head.

“Vivian has only been feminine since the early twentieth century, and even then only in the States, it’s a bastardization of Ninian,” he said softly. “and O’Connor is a modern form of Na Connacht.” Carl’s eyes did a slow blink. “He’s there.”

“Oh shit.” Oz’s face went whiter than usual.

“This is going to be a problem whichever way we handle it, Carl.” Craig told him. “If we tell Mom, she’s going to go in there and spill everything without meaning to and your Ninian will seize on it, he’ll eat her for breakfast, literally.”

Carl nodded.

“And if we don’t tell her, she’ll let it slip somehow that she’s also over here to help support her son and his husband—me,” Carl answered. “Ninian will know I’m here, and he’ll use your mother to get to me.”

Craig threw his hands up in the air.

“You know my mother; she’s stubborn as hell and won’t listen to reason.”

“How about if I went with her?”

Both Craig and Carl whipped their heads around, staring at Oz.

“Well, he doesn’t know about me, he’s not my maker, and I could help steer her away from, you know, like putting her foot in her mouth.” Cringing, he gave Craig a look.


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4 thoughts on “Sins Of The Sire

  1. Intriguing problem. I think maybe they need to send Mom on a nice long ocean cruise.


  2. LOL true–the problem is that Mom is stubborn–and she’s in London to do research for a book on tarot–and Ninian’s library is a necessary stop for her. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and they’re waffling on how to let her know that her librarian is Carl’s maker.


  3. Nice snippet–I’m interested to see how they solve the problem.


  4. So am I–I don’t quite know yet 🙂


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