More Sin

I posted six sentences from this portion of my WIP on another page yesterday, and it occurred to me that those of you who read Rainbow Snippets might appreciate a bigger picture 🙂


Both Oz and Craig lowered their heads and sat down, but Craig simmered with barely disguised fury. Carl continued.

“We will go to London, and I‘ll go to the theatre, and you both WILL come to me with your mother when you both wake. No arguments, I’ll handle it.” He stalked toward the sleep chamber door.

“I’m going to finish packing my bag.”

As the door clicked shut, Oz turned to Craig.

“He’s mad, I screwed up, I guess.” He shook his head, and Craig did the same.

“You might have a larger stake in behaving around him, Oz, but he’s my bondmate, not my master; I’m sick and tired of him acting like it.” He leaned back in the chair, his eyes closed.

“He’s jealous of me,” Oz murmured, and Craig moved his head up and down.

“I know; and I don’t really know what to do about it, we’ve never given him any reason to doubt either one of us.”

“But that’s just the thing, Craig,” Oz said. “We have.”

“How do you figure?”

“That protection thing, where we tasted him and each other, for one, and—I sensed something, but I don’t know if I’m right.”

Craig gave Oz a dark look.

“What is it?”

Oz cringed, then stared Craig straight in the eyes with no hesitation.

“I felt Carl was attracted to me too, you tell me if that’s true.”

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4 thoughts on “More Sin

  1. Nice snippet–intriguing last line!


  2. “jealous of” can be read in two different ways — and I think they were each reading it differently.


  3. I think you might be right ❤ At least they have a while to come to a decision 🙂


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