Dear Alasdair–sometimes he wants what he cannot have, and he’s not used to that–here’s a small conversation he had with Edgar–

“He is yours now, isn’t he, sir?”

“He certainly is, Edgar, my dear, he certainly is.”

“Will I be permitted to share him when the time comes, sir, if I may ask?”

“Are you talking blood, or pleasure?  You know what too much blood might do to you.”

Edgar smiled.  “A taste of his blood, and pleasure with you after you are done, sir.”  His eyes lowered, suddenly shy.  “I find myself wishing for pleasure from you only.”

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18 thoughts on “Alasdair

  1. Yes,even after almost a hundred years, Edgar is still a little wary around Alasdair–as well he should be 🙂 Alasdair would never hurt him, though–but he’d never let Edgar know that 🙂


  2. Thank you so much 🙂 Ms. Aheer is a treasure. Okay, I’ll tell you 🙂 they were talking about Bruce, who had just left after a rather illuminating sensual visit with Alasdair 🙂


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