More Talk

Here’s a little snippet from Talk Of The Town, in which Carl is hunting in the early morning–trying to work out his frustrations with Craig. The poor being is becoming impatient–


.   He shook himself and approached her again, leaning down and erasing the ragged wounds on her throat, his feeding stains disappearing.  He knew with certainty that if Craig did not make a decision soon, he would have to take his frustrations out on one of his victims to blunt his blood lust.  Mike would have been the ideal candidate, but that time had passed for now.

He walked away from the poor sad lump without a backward glance, his body fading as he approached the street, heading for his home. He felt like a young child being forced to eat his supper.

The only way he finished her was to pretend she was Craig.

Read more Rainbow Snippets here–something for every taste (maybe even Carl’s 🙂 ):




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