Jeffrey’s Pain

Here’s a snippet from Heart’s Embers, as Jeffrey is  with his old college roommate and Bruce’s ER doctor–and no, they weren’t driving–

“My God, El, he—he’s going to be devastated,” Jeffrey murmured, looking at El with anguished eyes.

El nodded.

“He’ll get through it though, Jeffrey, he will,” El said. “You will too.” He touched Jeffrey’s arm.

“I have to get back, are—you going to be okay?”

Jeffrey shivered, then nodded.

“I’ll walk you out, I have to go sign those papers at the desk, then I guess I’ll come in here and drink some of that swill they call coffee.” He stopped, blinking.

“Bruce makes the best coffee.”

El watched then as Jeffrey’s face sagged and fell apart with grief.

“El, I—I love him so much, it was my fault, I was talking dirty to him over the phone, I-” He grabbed his friend, hanging on, and buried his face in El’s shoulder as he sobbed.

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8 thoughts on “Jeffrey’s Pain

  1. A sad moment, well told. Very effective excerpt!


  2. Thank you ❤ That's what I was going for —


  3. Why thank you for that lovely complement ❤


  4. I need to know what happened!


  5. Curious, are we? Anticipation is golden 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it–they have a few dark days ahead of them, it’s true–


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