Alasdair’s First Story

Here’s a story that Alasdair entertained Bruce and Jeffrey with while they were all waiting–for Edgar–

“Now, shall I tell you a story about how I was inadvertently the inspiration in part for one of your beloved icons of literature?”

Jeffrey and Bruce looked at each other.

“That sounds very intriguing,” Bruce said.

Alasdair nodded, gathering his thoughts for a moment.

“It was in London, in February of 1843. I was hunting the streets because I was in one of my blood fever periods, and pickings were very good.  There were quite a few homeless and poverty stricken unfortunates living in the alleyways. I wore a long flowing cloak to hide my pale, stark appearance, and my hair was unbraided.  I remember that it was rather cold, snowy, and windy for the human element that evening, and I was waiting just inside one of those alley entrances. I looked up and a young gentleman about thirty years of age had paused at the alley entrance and was staring right at me, right into my eyes, and I into his. It only lasted a few seconds, then he disappeared, but I followed him to his rooms. He intrigued me, and I undoubtedly scared him more than a little.  I found that he was a writer, a novelist.  I popped in to visit him quite a few times while he was working, and he must have thought I was a ghost of some sort because I never spoke to him. I ended up in his next novel, though.  It was published in December that same year.  I rather enjoyed it.”

Bruce’s eyes grew very wide, and he looked at Jeffrey, who looked equally disbelieving.

“I would have no reason to lie, now would I?” Alasdair said with a small smile.

“The–the author was Charles Dickens, wasn’t he?” Bruce said.

“The very same.”

“Then–you were the Ghost of Christmas Future?” Jeffrey said.  Alasdair smiled.

“Yes.  Fitting, don’t you think?”

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Alasdair’s Stories

This snippet is from The Ancient, in which Alasdair is sharing a few stories with Bruce and Jeffrey while they wait for Edgar–

Bruce and Jeffrey looked at each other, shaking their heads. “Do we have time for another story?” Jeffrey said, grinning.

“Certainly.  Let me tell you one about Henry Tudor, that piggish, raving hedonist.  He really let himself go.  He used to be ravishing, beautiful, but he became grossly obese, so obese he had a servant whose duty it was to lift up his stomach so he could be orally serviced–”

The first story will be in Snippet Sunday if you’re interested 🙂 or on my blog 🙂

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Carl’s museum tour

Here is a snippet from Talk Of The Town–Carl is showing Craig a portrait that has special significance–

“Lorenzo DeMedici–Lorenzo The Magnificent.”  Carl studied the portrait, even though he could close his eyes and call up the image.  “A name well deserved. He was responsible for many advances in culture and he encouraged the sciences in research.”  He turned to Craig.  “Look at that older man with the scroll next to Lorenzo, the man in physician’s robes, and his assistant standing next to him, holding his teacher’s scrolls and instruments.”  Craig took a closer look.

“That assistant was me.”

Craig’s eyes widened, and he looked at Carl, then back at the painting.  He saw the set of the jaw line, the curly hair.  It was medieval, stylized, but–it was Carl.


More Talk

Here’s my snippet this week to celebrate Talk Of The Town in paperback 🙂 Carl is dealing with a young, twinky stalker of Craig’s while they’re at a museum function–

“You–your eyes, what’s wrong with them?  And your teeth?  You look like a vampire.  Are you trying to scare me?  Because it’s working.”  His own eyes were blinking rapidly, trying to get the image out of his head. Dr. Fiorentino looked like something out of The Vampire Diaries.

“I‘m glad it‘s working, Charles.  I‘m glad you‘re scared.  But don’t worry, I’m not going to bite you. Vampires are fictional, after all,” he said, smiling.  “I won’t shed one drop of your blood.”  He held out his hand, and Charles took it, standing on his feet.  “You shouldn’t make idle threats. Now go find your grandmother and go home.”

Hmmm–one wonders whether Carl will let him off that easily 🙂 (wink)

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Dane and Bruce

This snippet is from The Ancient, in which Bruce’s friend Dane gets to finally “meet” Jeffrey–

Dane was outside the office after lunch, stealing a clandestine smoke.  He had just taken a few drags and discarded the butt when a black Jeep pulled up to the curb. He grinned, noticing Bruce was in the passenger seat next to a red haired, handsome guy wearing wire framed glasses and a huge grin. He kept watching as the driver leaned over and gave Bruce a long kiss, which Bruce returned with great enthusiasm.

“Well, that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ’sucking face’,” Dane said, grinning.  Bruce then touched his cheek before getting out.  He waved as the Jeep pulled away, then he turned around, seeing Dane.

“That’s Jeffrey,” he said, entirely unnecessarily, gesturing back to the street. He gave Dane his own sweet smile.

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Bruce and Alasdair

Here’s a spicy clip from The Ancient, in which Bruce has just pleasured Alasdair in his office–

“Bruce, I–that was extremely gratifying–where did you learn how to do that?

Bruce smiled.  “Saturdays after college track meets, in the locker room with Jeffrey,” he said, laughing.  “I would pretend I was sucking up his McDonald’s shake through a cocktail straw.”  He smiled.  “He never complained when I practiced on him.”

Alasdair threw back his head and laughed.  “Perfect!  Even though I’ve never tasted one, I understand the analogy.”

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Craig and Carl

Here’s a snippet from Talk Of The Town, in which Craig has had a close shave at the barber shop, and is “attempting” to seduce Carl—


“Craig?  Caro, where are you?”


Carl quickly turned toward the bedroom door. Craig was standing there, staring at him.        He walked toward Carl with a fluid grace, stopping mere inches from him, looking into his wide eyes.  He wore all black, a silk shirt with full sleeves, and his slim suede pants showed every curve.

“Do you like what you see?”

Carl put his hands on Craig’s face, stroking the smooth skin, stopping at the small dent in his chin, then running his hands down either side of his body as he knelt in front of him. He closed his eyes as he felt the tantalizing texture, hearing the faint crackle of the friction against his skin.  He buried his face in the soft, velvety material on Craig’s thighs, smelling his heat mixing with the sumptuous fabric.

“Oh, yes–yes–”      Craig slowly unbuttoned his shirt, then shrugged it off his shoulders. He put his fingers under Carl’s chin, tipping his face up to him.

“Then prove it.”


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