Craig shopping

This snippet is from Talk Of The Town; Craig is at the grocery looking for a cleanse in the pharmacy section, and the helpful clerk is attempting to assist–


.   “Why do you need a cleanse, may I ask?  Diet, turning vegan?”

Craig decided to have some fun.

“I’m bonding with a vampire, and my sire wants me to be clean.”

The clerk backed away with a wide fake smile on his face, shaking his head.  “Umm, have fun with that, then,” he murmured, the smile still in place.  He disappeared down the nearest aisle.  Craig shook his head, laughing, as he headed for the registers.


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9 thoughts on “Craig shopping

  1. LOL. Serves the clerk right for asking that in the first place. 😃


  2. LOL I know, right? That clerk didn’t need to know Craig was telling the truth ❤


    1. Heh heh heh 🙂 No one believes when you tell the truth, right?


  3. Lol, that was hilarious!


  4. That was kind of a nosy question. Or else he was trying to hit on Craig.


  5. Oh, no, I don’t think so–he was trying to be an overeager employee 🙂


  6. Guess that’ll teach him to try and help someone find the right medicine for the job.


  7. I really hope so 🙂 I think it might have been worse if he really believed Craog 🙂


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